The number of flood victims in Germany has reached 156. But the true balance of the disaster is still unknown, as many people have been missing for several days since the massive floods began. German media write that out of 156 victims in total, 110 in Rhineland-Palatinate alone have been recorded.

While the chaos continues. More than 100,000 people were left without electricity and drinking water and part of the railway lines were damaged by blocking movement. Dozens of bridges have collapsed, according to German authorities, and alternative routes will be looked at in the coming days.

“The situation is very dramatic,” said a German official. “There are always emergency calls,” said a police spokesman. “The situation is confusing. It is raining heavily. “Roads are flooded or blocked due to landslides.”

The disaster is not over yet, as more rain is expected. Germany and Belgium were two of the countries hardest hit by the so-called “cold lake” phenomenon that is already heading for the Balkans.