Milo Djukanovic, who has ruled the country since 1990, sometimes as prime minister and sometimes as president, will most likely be in opposition. According to preliminary data coming from this country and when over 80% of the votes were counted, his party has secured only 29 deputies in the parliament with 81 seats.

The opposition coalition “For the Future of Montenegro” seems to have over 28 deputies so far, but it is expected to add 10 deputies from the pro-Serbian party.

The two Albanian coalitions seem to have secured 2 deputies (out of only 1 they had won in the previous elections). According to the law, Albanians have the opportunity to receive a maximum of 3 seats. After the results were announced in Tuz, Albanians took to the streets to celebrate.

Pro-Serbs in Montenegro win the election with the help of the Albanian party of Abazovic, which came out against Djukanovic. They are part of the coalition with the Democratic Front, the largest opposition party, both pro-Serbian and pro-Russian, which has competed within the For the Future of Montenegro coalition led by Professor Zdravko Krivokapic – a non-partisan figure.

Albanian coalitions win 2 seats. The chairman of the “Albanian List” Nik Gjeloshi said in the message of victory that: 1800 votes have the Albanian parties and 2500 DPS, we are grateful for the work done. Deep triumph in Mal√ęsia Albanians. We will continue our project regardless of the total result, we will invest even more.

We recall that Prime Minister Edi Rama through a video message called on the Serbs to support and vote for Djukanovic’s party.

Even the victory of the opposition is not expected to be very favorable for the Montenegrins because of the pro-Russian and pro-Serbian orientation that these parties have.