Two months ago, the two brothers Altin and Mehmet Mera, from the village of Luzni, Dibra, executed their fellow villager, Xhetan Koneshë, with a firearm.

The serious incident took place in the middle of the village and in the presence of the daughter of the deceased, Mirusha.

The latter told “News24”, after so long, the whole story of that day, where he suffered severe trauma, after his father was killed by his two brothers in front of his eyes.

Mirushe Koneshi says that Mere’s two brothers did not stop, shooting her with bullets, but even after she had fallen to the ground, they hit her father with a gun to the head. The appeal of the daughter of the deceased Xhetan Konesha goes to the state instances, to remove the perpetrators’ family from there, as it is very close to their apartment.

“Dad was getting in the car, he called them and told them ‘stop.’ He continued cursing, with the gun straight, he had pointed at his father. Dad came up to him and told him to talk, what is wrong with him. We were all close as we got out of the car. He started swearing. Then he called his brother, that they had done it on purpose, they had followed the father for three nights to kill him. His brother came out, Dad was riding in the car, and he fired directly. Dad stopped and said, ‘I’ll explain things to you.’ Without thinking, he shot his father twice. After Dad was lying on the ground, they also hit him with the automatic rifle. Even after they went home, they fired again with automatic weapons. They were glad they killed my father. I beg the state to remove them because we can not see them. “Every time I go out on the balcony, I look at them”, says the daughter of the deceased.

The same appeal is made by the victim’s wife. Emrie Konesha says that the event is extremely shocking not only because of the murder, but according to her her husband’s body was raped. The name is Merat’s daughter and she says she never thought her children’s uncles would leave them without a father.

While Xhetan’s sister-in-law blames the structures of Dibra Police, which according to her, have not done their job, as this serious event should have been avoided, while risking that the event will be repeated, as both families continue to live near each other.