In the last 24 hours in the city of Elbasan, 31 people were tested positive for coronavirus.

Among them is an employee of the Elbasan Police Directorate, four teachers, one in the high school Gjinar, one in the school Onufri Elbasan, one in the 9-year school Kuqan and the other in the vocational school Elbasan.

Also in Peqin prison, 4 employees have tested positive, while some others are waiting for a buffer.

Also in the city of Peqin the number of teachers affected by Covid-19 has increased by alarming figures.

According to sources from the Peqin hospital, about 1/3 of the teachers are infected, while Peqin has a total of about 300 teachers, including its surroundings.

A doctor in this city was also infected with Covid-19 and was transported to the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Also in serious condition as a result of Covid 19 is the former Socialist Party MP and former mayor Skënder Hasa.