A very charming couple was invited to the show “Rudina”. She is known to the public as she has been invited to the studio several times to talk about her profession, but today she comes together with her husband to tell their special love story. Married for almost 25 years, their story begins at an early age, in kindergarten. In addition to being spouses, they are also partners as they run their own wig business together.

It is about Uljanova and Gëzim Çalin who told the happiest and most painful story at the same time when their son was born. Once they lived in Greece and worked in Mykonos, when the time came for Nova to be born, there was no maternity hospital on this island and its owner took her to Athens. She gave birth to him with surgery and then they brought a girl instead of the boy she had given birth to.

Nova: It was a great joy, but they changed my baby unfortunately. It was intentional because I had no letters. The waters burst, I go urgently and I remember the doctor telling me to wake up because you have become a beautiful boy, a beautiful blonde. I remember that because being under anesthesia is a little difficult, when you are drowsy, you do not have the situation in hand. They take me to the room and wait for the baby from moment to moment as all mothers take it to feed. Two days had passed and the baby was not brought to me.

I call the nurse and tell her I am expecting the baby, she tells me to wait until they bring her. I told him that my son is not coming for two days, he tells me that you have become a girl and not a boy. I told her I really had surgery, but I remember I had a boy and not a girl. They bring me the girl with a pink ribbon, I see that in the ribbon they had put her last name and then her name. The name and surname were correct. Actually the child was from Ethiopia, you were colored, mother as for the first time I said why so black, why that pressed nose. Then I said dale what am I waiting for, I have become a boy. This happened because I was undocumented.

Gëzim Çali: The Ethiopian woman was told that her child had died and maybe the couple who wanted to buy the child because it was in that hospital, had heard many cases where the trade had taken place. The Ethiopian child is given to us and our child does not appear on stage at all.

Nova: The owner made it public, said I will bring the televisions, urgently take out the baby because on the day Nova was born I was present here with my family and you can not deny this and there is no reason for you to cover this part. Here also benefits the woman from Ethiopia, she had asked for the body of the child to take it. I do not forget when he comes and kisses my hands and says it was you who asked for the child I benefited and I my child.

Gëzim Çali: It was our fate that the child had not yet been released from the hospital because if they removed him from the hospital we would never find him again.