Franci Popoçi is a 20 year old Albanian who is known for his very provocative posts on social media. Francis recounted that when he was 17 he had his lips first and the second intervention was two months ago.

The model said she has no problem raising her lips and not caring what others think. He has indicated that he plans to carry out other aesthetic interventions in the future.

The boy said:

At the moment I am very good with my lips. After a while I think about the forehead part, the detox. When you make interventions you make them look more beautiful, you don’t make them queue. ”
Asked if women are too harassed, Francis said that the beautiful and angels excite him.

He added:

Angels are excited by the beautiful. I was bullied by men after doing the interventions. Even after my appearance in the commercials, there are harassments, but not at that stage for someone to come forward and say you’ve made your lips and have fallen in love with you. “