Members of the Serbian Information and Security Agency (BIA), in co-operation with the High-Tech Crime Prosecutor’s Office and the Serbian Ministry of Interior, last night arrested M.P. (30) from Paracin, due to a well-founded suspicion that he threatened the President of Serbia, Alexander Vucic, On Facebook, BIA reported.

The suspect is accused of using the social network Facebook, among others, to report and call directly for the assassination of Serbian President Alexander Vucic.

He stated in the publication that he was constantly looking at Vuiqiiq through the sniper rifle. On the photo he posted, Vucic, Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic and BiH presidency member Milorad Dodik can be seen, he wrote: “These two left, while Aleksandar Vucic will eliminate the sniper. I know myself, that red dot which is following you to the bedroom when you stop the light “.

“Vucic, I just look at you, and you do not know where I am. “You do not see me, but I see you through the optical mark”, he further ordered in the threatening publication.

According to the BIA, the suspect has been detained and in consultation with the prosecutor on duty, he will be detained for 48 hours.