Four injured and one dead is the official balance of the serious event with a political background that happened today in the city of Elbasan.

The victim is Pjerin Xhuvani, while the injured are; Emiljan Prenga 39 years old, Pavlo Vuksani 50 years old, Eltjon Bodinaku 32 years old and Xhensila Sota 27 years old, police officer.

In the official press release, the Elbasan police stated that the officer was injured in an attempt to prevent the crime. Eltjon Bodinaku, the son-in-law of Pjerin Xhuvani, is in serious condition, who died from a barrage of weapons today in Elbasan. Emiljan Prenga and Pavlo Vuksani are part of the PD headquarters in Elbasan, together with the author.

The perpetrator of the murder according to the police is Arbër Papleka, who has been arrested. Papleka, a former police officer, previously worked in the Shkodra Police Directorate as a crime officer from 2007-2013, then joined RENEA from 2013-2019, while for a period of time he also worked at the US Embassy in the group of security.