An elderly man was raped last night by an unidentified person in Gjirokastra. The event took place around 23.00 in the village of Palokaster.

Journalist Orgest Sako reports for that the perpetrator entered the apartment beating the elderly Pina Qato, 75 years old in the bed where she slept, while causing fractures in her body and face.

“The front door opened and I said it was not the girl. The girl I saw was in her place and I lay down. As I lay down he came in and punched me. Then he kicked me. I told her not to kill me because I have the girl here and she will be scared of me. He made me like that and ran away. He did not steal anything from the house. “He just attacked me,” said the elderly woman.

The 75-year-old is currently being treated at the regional hospital “Omer Nishani” in Gjirokastra.