Press release: Today, on 22.04.2021, the services of the Judicial Police of the Local Police Directorate of Elbasan, in the framework of the investigation regarding the criminal proceeding no. 477 of 2021, executed detention orders for citizens:

Arbër Paplekaj, suspected of committing criminal offenses “Murder in other qualifying circumstances against two or more persons and in a manner dangerous to the life of many persons”, “Murder of State Police employees, remaining attempted”, “Illegal deprivation of liberty committed by force” in cooperation;

Arjan Hoxha, Pavlo Vuksani, Emiljan Prenga, Juljan Mataj, Erald Guga, Erjon Demushi, Taulant Ymeri, Roland Xhepa, Nuredin Kasma, suspected of committing the criminal offense “Illegal deprivation of liberty committed by force” in collaboration.

The citizen Klement Xhaferri was declared wanted, suspected of committing the criminal offense “Murder in other qualifying circumstances in a dangerous way for the life of many people, remaining in the attempt” and intensive work continues to capture him.

Eldjo Beko, a citizen, was arrested in flagrante delicto, for the criminal offense “Actions that hinder the discovery of the truth”

From all the investigative actions so far it has resulted that:

On 21.04.2021, around 14:00, the services of the Local Police Directorate of Elbasan were announced by the citizen Arjan Hoxha, introduced as responsible for security for the electoral headquarters of the political entity Democratic Party for the region of Elbasan, on the street “Lef Nosi ”, in the city of Elbasan, there was an incident with several people.
The information was evaluated by the Police and a patrol of the Special Force “Eagle” and the two deputy directors of the District Police, the Investigation and the Security, immediately went to the given address.

At the scene, citizen Arjan Hoxha was separated from the group of people who accompanied him
and communicated with police officers, telling them that he along with several other persons had blocked a person, whom they alleged was carrying out vote-buying actions for a political entity.

Also, the group of detained persons blocked the circulation of the ML off-road vehicle
driven by citizen M. G., cutting off the road, take the vehicle key. It is suspected that illegal actions of illegal deprivation of liberty were committed against this citizen, through violence committed in cooperation.

Citizen Arjan Hoxha was accompanied by citizens Arbër Paplekaj, Pavlo Vuksani, Emiljan Prenga, Juljan Mataj, Erald Guga, Erjon Demushi, Taulant Ymeri, Roland Xhepa and Nuredin Kasma, most of whom are ex-military and former police officers and are not residents of Elbasan district.

These citizens have also stated that they are volunteers to defend the vote for the Democratic Party. They were traveling in three white vans with the logo of this political force on them.

After the arrival of the Police forces, the conflict that started earlier escalated to the use of weapons and as a result the citizen Pjerin Xhuvani was hanged and the citizens Emiljan Prenga, Pavlo Vuksani, Eltjon Bodinaku and the police officer of the special force were injured ” Eagles ”, Xh. S.

From the inspection of the scene were seized as material evidence 20 cartridges of calibers 9 and 11.1 millimeters, 4 shells, three vans with the logo of the political entity Democratic Party, ML off-road vehicle without license plates and another Benz vehicle, 11 mobile phones , film footage etc.

Also, as material evidence, a “Glock” type firearm was seized from the citizen Arbër Paplekaj.

From the inspection of the vehicle type ML Benz without license plates, found at the scene, the investigative group did not find any illegal items or suspected that we could be used for vote buying and selling.

This evidence is undergoing further examinations at the Scientific Police Institute.

Under the direction of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Elbasan Judicial District, the special investigative group continues intensive work to clarify and fully document this event, as well as to identify and arrest other persons involved in this event.

The State Police will continue with the force of law to keep the territory under full control, will react legally and proportionately to anyone who threatens, intimidates or violates the law and will create all the conditions for Albanian citizens to vote freely.