The prosecution has signed an arrest warrant for the now dismissed mayor of Vora Agim Kajmaku. Police went to Kajmak’s apartment but did not find him.Agim Kajmaku was elected mayor of Vora on June 30, but after denouncing the DP that it had violated the decriminalization law, investigations by the prosecution, which gave the opposition the right to do so, began. Kajmak had hidden a sentence in Greece where he was pictured under a different name. On November 1, the CEC decided to unanimously dismiss Kajmak with 5 votes in favor.

Mayor Kajmaku was accused by the Democratic Party of having been arrested in Greece, under the name of Jorgo Toto, for the criminal offense of Money Laundering, but failed to appear on the Decriminalization Form.

The DP charges were also confirmed by the Prosecutor General’s Office, which after verifying the Kajmak fingerprints and the fingerprints of citizen Jorgo Toto arrested in Greece, turned out to be the same person.

Initially, Agim Kajmaku denied opposition allegations, saying he had never been arrested, but after confirmation by the Prosecution, he published a ruling by the Ioannina Court acquitting him, saying he did not know about the sentence in the country. neighbors.

Agim Kajmaku is the second SP mayor, elected on June 30th, to step down following opposition allegations, the first being Valdrin Peter of Shkodra, who resigned after being accused by the opposition of being convicted in Italy of drug trafficking. , while risking arrest for violating the decriminalization law.