Invited to a TV show, Baba Mondi stated that 50% of Albanians are Bektashis and that the registrations were wrong. Among other things he has declared that a good wife can keep the family united and not divided, they even lead humanity.

Baba Mondi: Family members should be united and not divided. Here a big role is played by women, mothers, sisters, who being prepared, they lead and humanity. Women are mothers, they stay with children, they educate them, this is Bektashism. In Bektashism, both men and women pray in a shrine, they are not separated.

Baba Mondi: Whoever has a good wife is eaten and drunk. Paradise is at the feet of the mother.

Baba Mondi during the interview also said that in Albania 50% of people are Bektashi believers and that the registrations were wrong.

Rudina Magjistari: Baba Mondi, do you have data on how many Bektashi believers there are in Albania?

Baba Mondi: Almost half of the Albanian population are Bektashi believers.

Rudina Magjistari: 50%?

Baba Mondi: Yes, despite the fact that the policies or registrations that have been made are wrong. We have started the registration ourselves to show people how many Bektashis there are in Albania. Of the 70% of Muslims in Albania, 50% are Bektashi.

Rudina Magjistari: These are your statistics and data?

Baba Mondi: No, not the documents, even if we do not want them. Zog registrations are taken and not registrations according to the policy. We are 2%. 2% are we in Albania? They are not 2% but this is the policy that has confused such things. However we did not object despite starting the registration ourselves. There are 848 tombs in Albania and 116 tekkes.