The show Fiks Fare brought the case of a mother with two minor children who are living in a damaged and depreciated house, according to the head of the family, the house was damaged by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

The Sefa family in Rrasa of Belsh complains on the show Fiks Fare, that their house is not being reconstructed even though it was damaged by the earthquake.
The head of the family, Pranvera Sefa, says that she lives with two minor children and receives only 50 thousand old economic aid. The apartment in which she lives with her children has cracks, but it seems to be old and depreciated.

She is looking for an apartment for her children, as no one has worked in that family since the death of her husband.

In the Administrative Unit Rrasë, the administrator says that her house will be rebuilt and that the documents have been taken to the municipality, he says that the reconstructions of other apartments have been done through a tender and this is on the list in winning the tender.

He says that they have handed over all the letters to the municipality. “Definitely the Spring house will be built” says the administrator.
Meanwhile, the Municipality of Belsh in an official letter sent to the show Fiks Fare explains that the apartment of this family is not at all on the list of apartments that will be reconstructed, as this apartment has minor damage.

But according to the municipality this family is on the list of families that will receive rent bonus for 2021.