The victory in “Euro 2020” continues to elevate the protagonists and the latest confirmation comes from Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, who are together on vacation in Sardinia. “We keep eating pasta… what about you?” This is the phrase that accompanies the photo of two teammates. At the end of the Italy-England match, defender Bonucci joked with his opponents: “You still have to eat some pasta…”.

It is not easy to forget a historic victory, like that of Italy in “Euro 2020”, which defeated England inside its home at “Wembley”. Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci who, on holiday together in Sardinia, while posting these photos on their social profiles, still seem to experience the enthusiasm of their success.

What is written in the photo refers to Bonucci’s harassment at the end of the final against the “Three Lions” when, during the euphoric celebrations, he called out to those present: “You still have to eat some.” The European champions while relaxing on the beaches of Sardinia do not forget a few stings for their English colleagues.