The tragedies in the Buci family originating from Dibra have no end. After the discovery of the macabre event where the father and brother killed 8 years ago, 23-year-old Eglantina Buci, it is learned that a few years ago in this family there was another serious event where the mother-in-law otherwise the young grandmother had killed the boy’s bride.

Sources for suggest that Faik’s mother years ago killed the daughter of the other son, Bashkim, who was an immigrant in Italy.

According to the information provided, it is learned that the serious event happened at 23:00 in the evening, at the moment when the young woman and her mother-in-law were watching TV and the conflict started, which ended with the murder of Bashkim’s wife.

The family drama continues with another loss of loved ones. Two years ago Abc News learned that Faik had lost one of his sons to leukemia.

Meanwhile, the serious event discovered the day before by the police, where 23-year-old Eglantina Buci lost her life, happened in 2012, where the young woman was executed with a bullet in the head by her brother and the plan for her murder was carried out by father. has also provided the photo of the 23-year-old killed 8 years ago by her brother and father, as the latter have not accepted her love affair.

Shkëlzen Buci, sentenced to 13 years in prison for premeditated murder, was shot in the head on Malin me Gropa, and returned to be buried 3-4 days later, while her body was found there by hunters. of the area.

In connection with this event, the police have already handcuffed her father Faik Buci, who is learned to be divorced from Eglantina’s mother with whom he had four children and married to another woman with whom he has no children. .