An Italian court has handed down three convictions and two indictments for mafia-style extortion against two entrepreneurs in Viterbo.

According to the information, these are Albanians Must Lleshi, 31 years old, Flavio Hysa, 30 years old and Alban Kaçorri, 22 years old, who were sentenced to 9 years and 4 months each, with a reduction of one third of the sentence for the most Teenager.

The decision came at 7.30pm after a hearing that lasted over 6 hours, while defense attorneys warn of appeal.

Albanian brothers Ismail and David Rebeshi, aged 37 and 31, are considered key exponents of crime in Viterbo.

The alleged victims were two local businessmen, demanding thousands of euros from them. Rebeshi, meanwhile, was an entrepreneur in the nightclub sector and a suspected cocaine trafficker.

According to investigators, the owner of a restaurant was threatened with death along with his family. While the trial against Rebesh continues, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison in aggravating circumstances on June 11 for other charges. The Albanian was handcuffed as part of the thirteen arrests of January 25, 2019 within the operation “Erostrato”.

It was the payments for Rebesh’s legal protection that forced other Albanians to threaten businessmen to give money.