Elfete, Afrim and Ferzinaze Haliti are the three members of the family from Gjilan who lost their lives as a result of mushroom poisoning in Lalzi Bay.

The incident reportedly happened as early as Wednesday this week, when they had shown severe symptoms of poisoning, after consuming the mushrooms they had collected themselves in Lalzi Bay.

But, it is reported that they stayed at home for 6 hours with severe abdominal pain and then headed to the Manza ambulance

After the treatment in the ambulance, they were sent home again, but their health condition had further deteriorated, after which they were transported to the hospital in Durrës.

Their condition was not improving, so they were transported to Tirana, where they lost their lives on Friday, while the event was reported only yesterday.

Expertise is expected to clarify what really happened to the three vacationers. Meanwhile, the police have prosecuted two doctors, on charges of “Negligent treatment”.

The Haliti family from Gjilan has announced that they will hold a press conference today at 11:00, regarding the death of three of their family members in Albania.