The independent candidate for deputy in the district of Dibra, Elton Debreshi, after failing to get enough votes for deputy, has returned to his job as a miner.

In a Facebook post, Debreshi writes that the political activity of the miners is unstoppable, and that they will continue to fight for the status of the Miner, as well as their rights.

Debreshi has also called on miners to join the Bulqiza Miners’ Union.

Elton Debreshi participated in the April 25 elections as an independent candidate in the Dibra district. He received only 580 votes, not exceeding the threshold required to be an MP.

Full post: After a few weeks of separation due to the campaign, today I returned to the gallery among friends of suffering and patience. Work and political activity are now inseparable not only for me, but for all the miners who joined the Joint Effort. Together we will continue the fight for Miner Status and our rights. On behalf of my comrades, I call on all miners to join the Union of Miners of Bulqiza. The future is ours!