The mysterious disappearance of the 19-year-old Albanian in Greece has made family members lose hope in finding her. Her whereabouts are not yet known, while investigations have focused on her social circle. According to the parents, that day the girl had left home to go for a job interview, specifically to a toy store in Koropi, but then did not return to her home. After looking at the security cameras in this store, it was concluded that Vasili had never been there.

Meanwhile the family states that Artemis had met a 24-year-old through Facebook and rarely went out with him, as her parents were not positive about this acquaintance. Investigators suspect he may be primarily responsible for the girl’s disappearance. Recently, her friends have seen the girl sadly because of her separation from the young man. According to the information, the 19-year-old girl had 40 euros with her when she left the house and efforts are being made to find her cell phone, in order to uncover still and more details from her disappearance.