Residents of Elbasan have spoken about the serious event that happened this afternoon, where it was initially said that a young man set fire to the house after a conflict with family members. Meanwhile, residents have said that the conflict occurred between neighbors, who ended up at the police station. Ndriçim Zekthi tried to set fire to the neighbor’s apartment due to a conflict between them and not his family members as initially reported. Residents have said that Zekthi is a problematic person for the family, but also others because he overdoes it with alcohol.

One of the residents said that:

Gasoline came up here. He always drinks, when he drinks he does so. Even with his family.
While another resident said that:

I have the house across. I found out when I came to my sister. He lit gasoline there and threw it there. No card, no sick. He has had conflicts with his family before.
To prevent the serious event, the woman intervened and received injuries on her hands and was then transported to the Hospital of Elbasan, where she is receiving medical assistance. Meanwhile, the police arrived at the scene where they accompanied the persons involved.