Elvis Naçi has “triumphed” again, “defeating” with numbers all the leaders of Albanian politics. The host of the show “Albanians for Albanians” has united more than ever in this Eid al-Fitr Albanians everywhere with the wish that posted on social networks achieving a record of likes, comments and distributions.

Elvis Naçi has broken every possible record with 129 thousand likes on social networks. The photo where his family appears around the table has been liked and has received hundreds of congratulations from Albanian music and football stars.

Of the political figures, you probably expected Prime Minister Rama to have the largest number of likes, given the large number of followers, but no. The photo of former Prime Minister Berisha has received over 50 thousand likes while Rama 30 thousand likes. Albin Kurti from Kosovo also challenged Rama by getting 44 thousand likes. While the leader of the Democrats, Basha, ‘defeated’ the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, with over 9 thousand likes.