President of France, Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with the prestigious Englishman The Economist, said that the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) is on the brink of “death”, while clearly warning member states that they can no longer rely on US defense. agency. He points out that NATO forces are diminishing because the US has turned its back on its allies.

“What we are experiencing right now is the death of the NATO brain. Europe is at the edge of a deep abyss, “said Macron. The French president goes on to say that now is the time, but also the time, for Europe to think strategically about itself as an independent geopolitical force.

“Otherwise Europe will no longer be able to control its fate,” Macron claimed. During the 60-minute interview, President Macron affirmed that so far America and Europe have had common interests and that he has consistently worked to maintain good relations with President Donald Trump.

While giving no further reasons for what changes the European continent is currently experiencing, President Emmanuel Macorn calls for Europe to wake up and take the situation under control.