Today in Albania were recorded 19 victims from the coronavirus breaking every record, while Deputy Prime Minister Erjon Braçe posted a video on his Instagram page showing what happened in a bar in the north of the country on Saturday, a mass gathering for watch a football match. “How can life be worth so little, as a first goal collectively ?!” he writes. Brace further says that like the local one, there are many in the big cities, starting from Tirana, asking for awareness from everyone for the observance of anti-covid measures.

Full post by Erjon Brace

19 Albanians lose their lives,

744 Albanians were infected with covid 19,

455 Albanians are hospitalized,

21 Albanians are in intensive care,

7 Albanians are intubated,

16 899 Albanians are actively infected!

Yesterday was bad,

but today it is even worse;

it will get even worse if each of us

does not listen, does not value, does not reflect,

do not react differently, to protect yourself, elderly parents, family, children!

Order, watch the video;

is that Saturday night in a bar,

in a city in the north of the country,

at the time when a football match was played a goal was scored !!!

Are you speechless?

That’s right, what do I say, what do you say?

How can life be worth so little,

how much of a first goal collectively ?!

I know it’s a passion, I’m a fan myself,

but without life and health there is no passion!

As here, it is in many places in big cities starting from Tirana onwards north and south, east and west;

When their owners give priority to the lek, we must not go down, sit down, sit and sit with them!

Everyone’s money is worth it;

But is it worth buying the virus for money ?!


remember, the government does not infect you,

but you infect yourself, your family, the other!

do not forget, there are worse,

there is even better, you have it in hand!