Shoqja Vera Grabocka! Te uroj mbaresi ne projektin e ri në R.T.Sh. Te uroj mbi te gjitha fat, i cili nuk ta ka munguar…

Gepostet von Diana Ziu am Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2019


Renowned songwriter Diana Ziu has sent a public letter to director Vera Grabocka after she was denied participation in the Song Festival.

Diana Ziu says in a letter that she has revealed from Vera Grabocka’s colleagues that there are two people who are coveted to be winners of this festival, one of whom is singer Elvana Gjata.

While for Zani Cikon states that he is a failed violinist who for many years has broken a lot of work in people who love the song so much.
We invite you to read the full letter:

Friend Vera Grabocka!
I wish you success in the new project in R.T.Sh. I wish you all the best in luck, who has never missed you if this one would be called luck! You Summer can be famous or famous (as it is today) for the things you know how to do, just what you know how to do! But let me tell you a few sincere words about those jobs that even though they are useful in our country, you will NOT have to do them. What I am writing today are sincere words, heart words of a woman’s soul, mother and above all creative, and you will need to take some time to read these lines.

Not just for the sake of an old friendship, if you will call it that, but also for the sake of a generation that, in parallel with your work, has contributed to this place. If you were so open-hearted, it would cost me some time, as long as the phone doesn’t pick up. It is important for man to have a development, a rise in the scale of cognitive, ethical values, breaking away from individualistic, selfish traditions, but trying to engender them, values, in the “bright fabric” of science. of truth and of culture in time…

You have made your contribution, but the truth to me is somewhat different in combination with you and others like you, who dare to constantly violate values, many times more banal, to achieve short-term goals … You are at least better refined in your actions … I don’t know if I should thank you for this.

Perhaps we all suffer to some degree from the weakness of flexibility in the way we respond to things. But these wild feelings do not leave us alone. But we have this stimulus in artists, sensations and feelings. In this case, balancing is necessary. I expect you to help me with this kind of balance to better understand what is happening to the reality of an artist participating in a competition for some time. Since headgear counts as a phase of failure and lack of time to be in the market while beyond that country, * headgear is the value of a nation…
Then my real conversation started as a songwriter.

Comrade Vera Grabocka (that’s how I got to know you), for what reason and for what right do you veto the songs that compete at the ART festival? Yes yes, the words came from those who call you your people. With what moral and legitimate rights do you deal with the musical material presented by different creators, composers, and then firms formally assign other people, those assigned to the letters? !!!

For what reason is the jury selected in terms of individuals of three persons, a small number according to the rules, to determine the winning songs? What is this lack of transparency, lack of substance when there is not even a minimalist artist or songwriter, or even a songwriter, as Mr and Mr. Pandi Laco in one of his messages on fb, when he writes about the “good” of the festival? !! How is it possible that the song, the festival as a very important public event with public revenue dedicated to the Albanian song, is in the hands of a person who has not composed and created the work in his life. Much like, he is a concertgoer post a failed violinist.

It is about Mr. Jean Cico, or friend Jean Cico, that things have not changed over time either. And in my opinion this without the ability of friend zhani who is deciding on the songs !!! ???? Why do you have to go to the selection of songs, as many songwriters or musicians, or to give this man today, as a kemot, leave out artists who are successful and highly talented? Will we still give room to people who are not in the right place to do harm? Let him continue at peace in his craft and enjoy his grandfathers, but not attend an event that does not belong to him. Why is this Albania so barren ??? Maybe we have created people like stamps like Rani who oddly decides the fate of capable, talented people it makes a wonder !! But who is still Zhani Ciko in R.T.Sh ??

A translator at the party. of Sanremo, a speaker at the end of the year concerts given by R.t. (traditional Vienna concert) a failed director or violinist (as our generation knows), why should he be the lead singer? Boll me !!! That for many years has broken a lot of work on people who love song so much, it broke your heart, with the power of power not convincing arguments, to say why the composer participated or not !! Nor was it meant to be told by Jean whatever the song with its elements, whether accepted or not, that it could not do no more.

Why aren’t the names of the composers revealed? Why are the names of the singers written as primary for festival appearances and the composer, songwriter, or orchestrator is absolutely not spoken or published? How is it possible that the structure of the festival is run solely by friend Vera Grabocka, and others are “puppets” and do what Vera says ?? !!! Why aren’t we told at the outset that this song is about the values ​​it has … and this song is not and is not acceptable, of course analyzing it to explain it, as the jury is about it, and for that we need competent composers … So are two names that curvy friend Vera Grabocka and friend Zhani Ciko.

Others are unaware of the azure, so say Summer. Find out the truth that I was told by your colleagues working head to head. Let them tell us the truth, because the words the wind brings to our ears may not be true, but otherwise, try us in front of the people and make things transparent because we are taxpayers who love the truth, and you owe it to us. as an institution. How is it that we pay thousands of lek for recording the song, and in the end we get no answer ?? Is this human? It’s okay to explain that they collect us if we don’t win, and humanly tell us everything, but they treat us as if we were a “crime” and we are faced with the fact that our phones don’t even open, I point out, like Jean Ciko “the owner “And the” fertility “of the rtsh culture. for music, but now paid royalties … No other musician !? But in the end Jean still wants some money and some glory! Don’t get fed up, you just can’t make music !! Your mind is on power and lek. The thirst for power and money has no boundaries for you…

We move on to the next point. My opinion as a songwriter is that often during festivals I hear songs of the same songwriter but with strange names !!! If it’s just my opinion, it’s a fact! And often times, the songs look the same, but this is a discussion with me … For me, it is a problem because there is no place and festival attendance for banal reasons … (I will confirm this again)

Back to the competition again: I have the impression that the songs have not been heard, I am convinced that some VIP composers have not yet brought the finished songs, I have the opinion that the names of the singers have been determined who will win and who will receive the award. They say it’s Elvana, but don’t take it for granted that they said then where Diana knew. Big mouths maybe, or maybe real mouths. I have heard and talked about a lot of corruption, I have in mind that to cover the bargains they make, they call on the foreign jury to bring the “honest” euro into the winning song. Even though the list has come up the songs have been sorted in time … Of course, I think Summer has put his hand and the friends and servants around her … I think they are clans of friends … And that’s for sure …

So some people in that system, who belong to this system, are “corks” in any system !! It was Vera Grabocka who removed the song (the song’s subtitles during a TV broadcast) just because the lyrics were made by Vagjel Toce and told me explicitly on the television bus stairs where I was begging her to transmit, and Vera without mercy, as only she knows, she said: Please Diana, it is not done, because having a biografine it has a problem. Preferably write: music D. black music D. black. No, of course not! I said… The man I never sold for things bigger than that. But after I escaped the stairs of the television bus, I said to myself … This is how the ladder of Diana Black went up … Yes, dear Summer, I didn’t sell my soul to the sun even more so now. But I want to tell you Summer, thanks for everything you follow us, that we finally learn from this, as I am also describing the worst model of the “vip” artist in Albania.

We have really suffered a lot as a family and it is not easy to get rid of the profession, for many years as Vangjon was removed from the theater, and his soul was broken, but even now it seems that times have not changed, then persecuted, persecuted even now . The people who lead have not changed, unfortunately. Now that we, meanwhile, are trying to continue to create and write music, as little as we can, but with inspiration, and with passion, now you are not giving us the path to money, not art, and we are in dictatorship again. People who lead with the power of money, and make friends only when you have money, are horrors.

When I think of Summer Companion, and what I think is very scary … Come on !!!! Ah, if I forgot about you Jean Cico, if I had a lot of money, I’d give you more soul as you might be wrong … but I know you won’t get them because you don’t do such things, but I (always talk, as if you had a gift). My retirement with Vangjon is over and it’s starting to get more so that wouldn’t be a problem, but we won’t have that money maybe that’s why I’m not participating in the festival. This year, after saying the figures are astounding…. I thought it was really hard, for a few moments I went through a sadness! And yet that made me wonder! Maybe they are the words that the wind incorrectly brings to our ears, but to stay in the same “tone” of conversation, and not to forget, I think you Jean wish you were getting the name of a street in Tirana or a school, after you got the titles, with or without servilism, maybe you are lucky and no one is with you behind me! Succeeded Summer !!

After all, you wouldn’t be happy with what I said that, with Diana, without Diana, you will make the festival, ah, forgive, you will marvel because you are a “master” in this craft. You have friends, money (even ours), power, awards and above all you are the Vipas of Albanian art. I am outraged, as always, I look at my husband, who has less courage but experiences the same things, with tears in his eyes he says: Too much pain we passed O Diana, WE WAS THIS SPIRIT !!! Well, I have to go through this too…

Respectfully Diana Ziu and Vangjel Toce “Passion never dies !! We will take it with us! ”

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Shoqja Vera Grabocka! Te uroj mbaresi ne projektin e ri në R.T.Sh. Te uroj mbi te gjitha fat, i cili nuk ta ka munguar…

Gepostet von Diana Ziu am Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2019