Elvis Naci’s wife, Fatma, was invited to the Top Channel’s “Invitation at 5” studio to share more of their daily lives and family.

Fatma didn’t hesitate to share her love story and first encounter with Elvis, recalling the emotions of that moment 17 years ago.

“Elvis was the first guy I met and I had endless emotions… I was accompanied by my sister, of course my mom had my best friend, I still have my closest friend. After I gave her permission and explained the situation, she gave me permission, and when we met Elvis asked our companions to go to the table on their own. I was all eyes on him all the time and he only talked, as he does today … ”she said, noting that the first meeting between them had become more serious than she had expected, when Elvis started talking about a book he had recently read.

Today a devoted wife and mother of three, Fatma said she feels very happy and proud of her large family.