Kosovar singer Fjolla Morina was arrested on Saturday at the Morina border crossing, after being caught with a firearm. In her statement before the prosecution, Fjolla admitted the authorship of the weapons while saying that she had forgotten it in her bag. She also gave details about the person who gave her the weapon, where it was stated that he is from Germany but has already died and is no longer alive.

“I declare to you that I left Kosovo, with my car, for Tirana because I have to make music, and I had other people in the car with me. They are Fitim Muji, who is my driver, and Fisnik Syla, who is my friend. We entered the Morina Checkpoint at around 02:10 and during the check I was found with a pistol in my bag and bullets in my car.

I had this pistol in one of the bags, because I have three or four bags with me, because I left for Tirana for songs and I have had this for a long time. Someone gave me the weapon as a gift. A friend of mine from Germany, who is no longer alive today. “The people who were with me in the car did not know that I had a pistol, because I did not even know that I had the pistol in my bag, I had forgotten it,” Morina said in her statement.

The 34-year-old singer was traveling with two other people, Fitim Muji and Fisnik Syla, who also fell into the hands of the police. The pistol type “Zoraki”, with 23 bullets was found in the handbag, while in the trunk of the vehicle was found a pistol type lighter. According to the Criminal Code she risks from 10 to 20 years in prison for firearms trafficking. Police have arrested two other people who accompanied the singer, F.M and F.S, both 29 years old, one resident in Kosovo and the other in Belgium.