Those who believe the earth is not round but flat will gather at their first convention in Soo Paulo, Brazil, a convention that will mark a culmination of a theory that seems to have flourished under President Jair Bolsonaro.

Like Britain and the United States, Brazil is recognizing a revival of flat land theory. 7 percent of the population, 11 million Brazilians, believe that the land is flat and for the most part, they are believers or not well educated. The venue for the convention has not yet been revealed, as organizers say, for security reasons.

Brazil is a land of folk legends and has long thrived in a culture of young people looking for great truths and obsessed with UFO sightings.

One of the country’s most famous writers, Paulo Coelho, claims he has had experience with aliens on several occasions, though he recently clarified to the BBC that he knew the earth was not flat. For scientists, the rise of flat earth theory is a sad thing.