It’s been a few days since some photos of Beart and Tea being seen kissing were made public. This was followed by their reaction that they accepted the connection and told about their story. But it seems that this news greatly affected Tea fans on Instagram who started leaving one by one, no longer following her. In just a few days Tea lost about 40,000 followers on social media, something that costs quite a bit of the great fame she gained in 5 months on the program.

While tonight Tea has revealed that her Instagram page has been shut down. On a second page she holds she posted a message for the video she posted on Youtube to show the truth of her relationship with Beart. After the video was blocked and deleted, the same thing happened with Tea’s “Instagram”. Tea wrote that after the video on YouTube, his Instagram is now closed. Apparently she does not understand what is going on with her accounts and why her Instagram page should be closed.

First video on Youtube, now Instagram! What else?