Former Minister of Health, Numan Baliq, is accused of sexually harassing a woman at his workplace, at the General Hospital in Peja. Gazeta Express has provided the indictment filed by the Basic Prosecution of Peja, which contains all the details of how the case occurred. The 23-year-old was staying in the hospital with her 6-month-old daughter, who had health complications, while the former Minister of Health, intentionally and in the quality of the health profession, abusing the health condition of the 23-year-old, started sexually harassing her.

More specifically, the 23-year-old has stated that:

“He grabbed my right hand and pushed me inside. He locked the door and turned off the light. He tried to kiss me hard and touch me on the back with his hands, but he did not succeed because I did not allow him to push him. When I asked him to open the door, because I would call the security, he told me “I just want to measure my pulse”.
The indictment states that:

“On the evening of August 12 this year, around 22:00, Numan Baliq in the General Hospital in Peja, exactly in his office, intentionally and as a health professional, abusing the health condition of the victim touch her sexually without her consent. The defendant grabs her by the right hand and pushes her inside, closes the door with a key and stops the current and supports the victim on the wall where he asks her to touch him and tries to kiss him on the neck, saying “do you need for something ”, but the victim leaves, while the defendant grabs him again and shakes his hand, then the injured party manages to push him away and opens the door and leaves, in which case he returns to room number 5 and asks the guard for help from the window. of security, then reports the case to the Police. ”