It took five years of nightmare for little Alvin Berisha in ISIS camps and in the war in Syria, where his mother, Valbona Berisha, was a fighter. Recall that Valbona, about 5 years ago, kidnapped her son, Alvin, from their home in Italy and fled to Syria.

Alvin was just 6 years old in 2014, when Valbona decided to separate him from his sisters and father. The photos published by Corriere della Sera show Valbona’s change.

She looks like every young woman, with freshness of age, peachy face and black hair. But then, over time, Valbona appears as she wears a headscarf. According to Alvin’s father’s testimony, all of the woman’s change came suddenly.

After taking her baby with her, Valbona went to Syria, where she married an Albanian jihadist. He had a baby with him. However, according to Italian media reports, the woman died because of fighting and bombing.

Below are some of the photos showing her transformation.