The Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj stated that from June 14 the meetings of the prisoners with their families will be resumed, as well as the special activities and permits for this category.

The Minister says that the convicts can meet their families once a month, but the latter must present to the prison a vaccination certificate, a negative test against COVID-19 or a test that proves that he has passed COVID-19.

Minors can meet with family members 4 times a month.

The Minister said that the issuance of special permits for mortal cases will begin according to legal provisions, while emphasizing that the resumption of activities in prisons will be done in compliance with anti-COVID measures.


Speech of Minister Gjonaj

On the facilitation of the measures, the technical group set up in the MoJ with health personnel have evaluated, proposed the facilitation of some measures for a temporary period, monitoring the situation.

Regarding the easing of restrictive measures, for a temporary period, an assessment of the suggestions was made, as well as referring to some practices of European countries that have begun to ease the restrictions by taking into account the situation of the population.

The easing of restrictive measures in the prison system will be in 3 directions:

1-Limited resumption of meetings with family members

2-Resuming the issuance of special permits

3-Resumption of social and cultural activities

Specifically, the new measures start from June 14 for a period under monitoring by all health structures. It consists concretely in:

Resumption of appointment appointments, 1 appointment per month, distance, health check when the family member must submit the test or vaccination document, or other tests that show that they have passed COVID.

Anticovid measures will be observed during the meetings. For convicted juveniles 4 meetings per month.

The very good practice of online communications with Skype will also be maintained. Also will resume the issuance of special permits, dated 22 January 2021, to determine the procedures of reward or special permits, will be only for mortal cases.

Regarding the resumption of activities, anticovid rules will be observed to rehabilitate and educate convicts. Will start in a limited way.

Others, for anticovid measures, will continue to be in force. This easing of restrictive measures requires maximum attention from the management, requires you daily monitoring to protect the health and life of convicts.