New measures against domestic violence have been published in the Official Gazette as they came into force this Wednesday (November 18), whoever uses violence risks leaving his home by force within a few hours
Men who rape women or other family members will be evicted immediately from the apartment starting today. This is what the amendments to the law on measures against domestic violence, approved by the Parliament on October 15, 2020, provide for. The amendments were published in the Official Gazette on November 3, 2020, while they enter into force and will be implemented starting this Wednesday (November 18). 2020). Specifically, the amended law stipulates that the State Police, before the court is set in motion, orders the immediate removal of the perpetrator from the apartment, when the victim and the perpetrator live in the same shelter. The previous law awaited the court decision to remove the abuser from the apartment, during which time the abuser, mostly men, continued the violence.

Under the new law, a man who rapes a woman will leave the apartment in record time. But where will the abusive men be sheltered after leaving the apartment by the police? The government will work with municipalities to provide shelter for abusive men. Meanwhile, after the intervention of the police, the court will be set in motion, which according to new legal changes, as a protection measure of domestic violence, immediately orders the perpetrator to leave the apartment, for a certain period of time, when the victim and the perpetrator live in the same shelter. So, then it will be the court that will evaluate the decision of the police to remove the abuser from the apartment.

The court will also express itself in the emergency decision or in the place for the protection of the victim, which will be more complete and justified. The legal changes also provide for the obligation of perpetrators to participate in psychosocial rehabilitation programs and parenting training programs, organized by public or private entities. This obligation will be imposed by the court on the protection order. According to the cases, the court orders that the abuser be treated in mental health centers as well as to receive alcohol services, if he is an alcohol user. Violators who are serving prison sentences can also participate in these programs.