A survey of 5,658 women showed who the biggest traitors are. Users of a dating site, which is also preferred by married people, have extracted information about their clients’ occupation.

According to the study, 65 percent of unfaithful women betray someone at their workplace, but 85 percent admit they slept with a colleague.

One in five women also believe that if rumors circulate in their office, their partner is more likely to find out. 10 percent worry about their career and nothing else.

The Independent has analyzed this list and found out where the most betrayed women work.
In this order, it is about financial services, aviation, health, business, sports, art, night life, communication, and finally justice.

Women are the ones who strongly support the motto: “Life is short, betray.” Therefore there is a possibility that women will be tempted to betray more in a relationship.

Being a mother also does not stop women from dreaming about other partners, on the contrary, it can make them thirsty for new experiences.