The director of DPSHTRR, Blendi Gonxhe, was today in a “Skype” connection with the show “Breaking” in Top News, to explain to the citizens about the tests.

Asked how the trial will be handled, Gonxhe said that “the code is clear that the responsibility is individual”.

“The car is yours, you have to check the vehicle at every moment, every time you go out on the road. As for testing, it is a process that has a gradual resumption. At the moment, the vehicles that have crashed, the vehicles that came to Albania in 2021 that have not been tested are being inspected. Those who came in January will be the first and onwards. Then it is the turn of international transport vehicles, will be the first on the list and have started. And all licensed means of public transport, which connects them to a public mission. In the first phase are 200 thousand vehicles. From Monday until the end of this large influx are these funds, and then they will come voluntarily according to the dates we have planned “, said the director of DPSHTRR.

The latter called on citizens to be understanding about this situation, as gradualism is inevitable. “There can be no start from scratch for 670,000 registered vehicles,” he added.

Gonxhe also said he will inform drivers via email or messages when they have the period to do the test and book.

“The police, on the other hand, have been informed, and the process of eliminating cars that have defects continues. There are cases where defects require repairs, parts that need to be replaced, tools that have problems that cause damage are being taken out of order. We are also taking photos and denunciations, where people see on the streets vehicles that have defects, which are contrary to the legal code “, said the director of DPSHTRR.

According to him, it is important that every driver has an account in e-albania, where they also have an application “our cars”, where they receive accurate data.

“We tell you when to come to book. You will have to be careful with taxes. In order to have an easier administration, to have an account in e-albania, where our cars are, to have more accurate data from us “, added Gonxhe.

The latter added that since October they have launched an operation to collect information about cars, where so far there are 1000 vehicles that are very problematic and are being called for control.

“They are subject to a stop on the street by the police, to get a traffic permit and to appear at the checkpoint, if they do not come voluntarily. These cars also pose a risk of accidents. We also have the use of gas plants, they have installed gases that are not always good. Gas plants are being used out of standards. The use of gas plants is causing problems. There are defects that they do not know, and we must inform them “, said the director of DPSHTRR.

Are we talking about new points?

Until yesterday they did not fall, but were advised. But from now on cars with cracked windows will crash, they will no longer be allowed with counseling. 2-5 cm allowed, no more than that. You passed the test with broken glass, now no more.

Fractures in the headlights before and after, do not pass if there are cracks where they obviously put water inside and pose a danger to pedestrians, spirits or in the parking lot creates consequences for a person.

If the focus of the headlights does not look in a certain direction, it is no longer transient. Calibrated headlights are needed.

Exhaust system, poorly mounted exhaust. There are noise-making vehicles that are not allowed. Vehicles that have sports specifics and noisy exhausts must have open and closed valves. If they do not have open and closed valves, then they do not pass the test.

All bottom oil leaks will be non-passing to the test

Even the gas system if there is a defect does not pass. Technical and functional defects.

Old or broken windshield wipers will no longer pass

Even tires, if they do not have the right parameters, do not pass the test.

Gonxhe stressed that the tariffs have not changed and they have tried to make them as popular as possible. He even added that tariffs have been reduced, it has been halved.

Gonxhe also explained that a citizen living in Berat can be tested in Tirana. It is not done according to the place where you live.

Cars that have been tested in September 2020, should be presented in September this year?

They are being called one by one to come and do the testing, they should come as soon as we call them.

While cars that have finished testing from 24.12.2020 onwards, benefit plus 12 months, cars. Vehicles +6, trucks remain 6 months, not affected by changes.