Good news for all Albanians who want to work seasonally in Greece. Neck-World Customs is expected to be open to all seasonal workers, between October 25th – November 10th.

Seasonal workers are expected to move in to work on citrus harvesting in Greece. The news was just announced by Jolio Dine, member of the National Council of the Democratic Party of Albania, after his communication with the MP of Nea Dhimokratia for Igoumenitsa, Vasili Jojaka.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the COVID test will be performed free of charge for customs workers, without increasing their costs.

As of July 21, the Qafë-Bota customs has been permanently closed as it was previously open at least for trucks. Meanwhile, on Saturday, residents of Saranda, Konispol and Finiq, protested in front of the customs for its opening.

However the Greek government seems to have decided to open it only to seasonal workers, as the demand in the Thesprotia region is for at least 2000 such who are expected to work in citrus harvesting.