New details come to light from the execution of Anton Keli last night in Rreshen. The owner of the market where the victim Anton Keli asked for help, Petrit Reçi brought details from the last words that the victim said, before he fell unconscious and lost his life while being transported to the hospital.

“I was staying at the supermarket, Antoni comes quickly. I tell him how you are, he tells me well, but I’m injured. How are you injured ‘, I say, where? The car. He came into the store, sat on the bench and I went to see where he got the wound and there he fell unconscious and then I called the police, the police notified the ambulance, the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. I heard neither noise nor gunfire. I got the police. “He did not say a word other than what he said to me, ‘I was injured in the car,'” said Reçi, who obviously does not hide his shock from the serious event that took place.

According to sources, Anton Keli does not turn out to be a person with a criminal record and since he has links with the Gjini family, the investigations have focused on previous events, but also on any personal conflict that may have occurred. Several security cameras were seized in the area which are being analyzed by the investigative group. In the area where the incident took place, 6 cartridges were found and seized, while 3 of the bullets caught him in the body.

Anton Keli for some time lived alone with his mother as the rest of the family resides in Germany, while the residents of the neighborhood consider him a communicative and trouble-free man.