He died after an assassination attempt on the prosecutor’s car, which was driven by Andy Maloku. Condolences flood

Although he had been struggling with life and death for 6 days, Andy Maloku’s heart stopped beating yesterday after a series of health complications. The 24-year-old was injured in a car accident in Arjan Ndoji’s car, where he was shot with two bullets and Durres, a prosecutor and a friend of the latter, Alexander Laho, nicknamed ‘Rrumi’.

Maloku, the prosecutor’s driver, has been at Trauma Hospital since November 1, where he was shot with a Kalashnikov barrage, taking two bullets into his lungs and one into his spine.

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On his ‘Facebook’ profile, relatives and friends give heart to Andy Maloku and extend condolences to the family. Recall that he previously worked as a police officer at the Kruja police station.