New details have been revealed about the tragic death of 10-year-old Nasir Ymeri, who lost his life accidentally while making a video on the social network ‘TikTok’.

“Report tv” informs that the 10-year-old had climbed to the second floor of the apartment, where works were being carried out. He tied a rope to the concrete mixer and tried to play a game, but everything went wrong, the concrete mixer moved and the rope was tightened around his neck.

His parents found him in serious condition and transported him to the hospital, where he died. Naser was the eldest child of the Ymeri family, while he also has another younger brother.

It is reported that the phone was found in the video-record, which has raised suspicions that the minor was playing a game to post it on the social network ‘TikTok’. Game that ended tragically.

He was a student at the United Stone School and as described by the teachers did not show signs of depression, so I believe that everything happened accidentally.