The 32-year-old pilot Charalambos Anagnostopoulos has been arrested by the Greek police after he admitted the murder of his wife, 20-year-old British Caroline.

The pilot confessed to the brutal murder. He admitted after more than eight hours of questions that he had killed the woman, writes Protothema.

The information available to the police was such that he could not deny it. According to preliminary data, the 32-year-old pilot claims that his wife told him that she was determined to take the child and leave him.

The serious event has shocked public opinion. Police managed to discover that the 32-year-old is Caroline’s killer. The evidence was mainly based on analysis with the help of the couple’s cell phone data technology and the victim’s biometric clock.

In the messages found on the phones of both, they have shown that Caroline and her husband quarreled just a few hours before the serious crime.

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Due to this evidence the authorities accelerated the work in the last 24 hours. Caroline’s husband was taken urgently by Alonissos accompanied by police officers to report to the police.

Babis had planned to flee to Turkey, so investigators took care not to notice that they had managed to uncover the event and his role in the murder of his wife.

Caroline, 20, was killed at dawn on May 11th. As her husband testified from the first moment, three masked perpetrators broke a window of their house and entered inside where the couple and their 11-month-old baby were sleeping.

They tied up the 32-year-old while strangling the 20-year-old who was resisting in an attempt to neutralize him. According to the 32-year-old, the perpetrators took the 15,000 euros that were in a box. The suspicions were added to the police, as the perpetrators had left no trace nor taken the couple’s cell phones.

During the intervention period, the leaders of the Security and the Directorate of Criminological Investigations searched the entire interior of the house, without finding any findings confirming the presence of the robbers.

They also sought evidence and video from security cameras to prove the presence of the robbers in the home and to uncover evidence of their escape. The victim’s husband even said that one of the robbers spoke Albanian.

After the search nothing was discovered and other evidence subsequently brought about the reversal of the whole event.