A violent robbery took place yesterday on the Tirana-Durrës highway, which turned out to have been staged by the fuel manager himself, identified as Gert Farruku, 23 years old.

He had lost money playing gambling and had simulated the event in order to justify large sums of money on daily rounds, police report. In addition to Farruk, the owner of the bar, Arsid Haxhija, 22, who organized illegal lotteries, was also arrested.

From the investigations carried out and the collection of all procedural evidence, it was ascertained that at the moment of the theft, a masked person got out of a vehicle and forcibly stole Farruku’s daily turnover.

Following the investigation, it turned out that the 23-year-old for a period of 2 months has systematically stolen the company where he works, declaring amounts less than profit. The amount of money benefited from non-declaration, he played in illegal lotteries in the restaurant of Arsid Haxhija.

The manager of the firm, is suspected of organizing the theft to pay off the debts he had in the lottery. The investigative group continues to work to identify other persons implicated in this criminal activity.

The materials were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Durrës Judicial District, for further actions for the criminal offense “Theft committed by abusing duty” against Gert Farruku and “Organization of illegal lotteries” against the citizen Arsid Haxhija.