The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi has been introduced as the political leader in the district of Elbasan, while the elections are approaching.

Bardhi says that the people in power have benefited everything in these two mandates, while he stressed that Elbasan will win the place it deserves, will come out of poverty and will enjoy the potential it has.

Bardhi also stressed that he is convinced that Elbasan will be on the front line of change.

Post of the General Secretary of the Democratic Party Gazmend Bardhi:

Elbasan is probably the most emblematic example that proves what the ‘renaissance’ has done in 8 years. Two different worlds that lie in parallel. Those in power, with their privileges and assets in complete symbiosis with criminal groups on the one hand. And people, citizens and residents, forgotten and abandoned, on the other side.

The people in power have benefited from everything in these two terms. Money, influence, territory, and have ruled by force over the rest. Imagine how a single person decides on everything, on employment, on tenders, on the distribution of benefits, on economic aid, all according to personal interests. Can an entire county with about 450,000 inhabitants work for a handful of people. In addition to injustice, it is also an insult.

The Elbasan of knowledge, wisdom, education, major contribution to history, to be transformed for 8 years into a province ruled by a gang that robs everything. On April 25, Elbasan, Librazhd, Përrenjasi, Gramshi, Belshi, Cerriku, Peqini, will be liberated from these invaders.

It is a great honor for me to be the political leader of the campaign in this district, for the Democratic Party. The responsibility is also extremely great. A challenge that fills me with energy and enthusiasm.

With the Democratic Party, Elbasan will win the place it deserves, will get out of poverty and will enjoy the potential it has. Development projects will replace bargains. Merit will bring to the fore the best, the most capable. Rule will be replaced by accountability to citizens. Here in the heart of Albania, the “renaissance” will take a strong hit.

I am convinced that the district of Elbasan will be in the first line of change. People are looking forward to it. United as never before and on the side of the citizens we will bring the governance and order that the wonderful inhabitants of this county deserve, the parents, the elderly, the young and the young, the children who dream of a better future.