“It’s really historic! A fantastic day in a wonderful part of the world. I am pleased to announce that Kosovo and Serbia have agreed to normalize economic relations. “A very important part, for which they have worked for many years, decades, in fact, after a tragic and violent history, and after many years of failed negotiations.”

This is the statement of US President Donald Trump after the signing of the economic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. For the first time, Kosovo and the Albanians were in the attention and eyes of the whole world this time for a very positive news.

This agreement brings closer the two countries between mutual recognition which for a long time had not managed to find a way of communication with each other. The American president stressed that the economy brings people closer and that is what they intend to do. Believing that the economy will strengthen the ties between the parties, Prime Minister Hoti also expressed gratitude for the historic agreement reached between the parties.

“Thank you very much for your extraordinary role. For your wonderful team. The fact that we achieved at this moment is a wonderful thing for Kosovo and the Region. I think we have taken an extraordinary step which can lead to mutual recognition. We “We are totally committed to take this further, to normalize life, to improve people’s lives, to create new jobs,” Hoti said.

The agreement was welcomed by both leaders, with Vucic welcoming US involvement in the process.

“It’s a wonderful job. When I say wonderful job I mean it really. Because you and your people really got involved in this issue and gave it a solution when few people wanted it. Your commitment to them. “Stabilizing the region and bringing peace to the region is something we appreciate very much. We are talking now about economics, not politics, because we can not directly solve all our problems. There are still many differences between us,” Vucic said.