Kosovo’s acting Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has warned Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who said he would sue in Kosovo courts.

The case relates to an earlier statement by Haradinaj who said that Hashim Thaci, Edi Rama and Aleksander Vucic would benefit 10 billion euros from the partition of Kosovo.

Rama has said that this statement will be sent to Haradinaj in court.

“Edi Rama is my brother. I have brothers and sisters of all Albanians. But I am against partition. This one has participated in the sharing project. That separation has had damage to our citizenship. Once Kosovo’s February 17th opens, there is no turning back, “Haradinaj said.

Haradinaj also points to the 10 billion euros he had said he would divide between Rama, Thaci and Vucic.

“Over 10 billion euros of damage would be done to Kosovo in Trepca’s reserves and minerals. However he is currently in power but he is not sure he will stay and may lose it. See you in court ”

He further explains how those who took part in the land-change project would personally benefit.