All citizens who want to renew their ID card should book an appointment in e-albania to avoid queuing at the offices of the company renewing their ID. ID cards that have expired during 2020 are valid until the end of the year.

To avoid queues when renewing ID cards and due to the influx that may be created at the end of the year, citizens can book the meeting on the e-Albania portal.

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Interior published the strategy that is expected to be followed during the remaining months, to avoid long queues, not only for waiting, but also to avoid contact of citizens, which could spread the coronavirus.

All citizens who want to be provided with cards, must first buy the coupon at the Albanian Post points, and then apply online through the e-Albania portal. When applying through e-Albania, in addition to personal data, citizens must also enter the mobile number from where they will be notified of the meeting.

The government has previously announced that all expired ID cards during the pandemic months have been extended until the end of December 2020. After that date, ten-year expired ID cards can no longer be used. in no institution and for no service.