Arben Ahmetaj said today in the Assembly that a new education reform will start in September

Minister of Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj said today in the Assembly that in September a new reform in education will begin, which according to him, has to do with the introduction of English in the first grade. “You, the opposition, should know that we have launched a new reform for the children and parents of this country.

We started English in the first grade for the students of the republic. That they are ready for Global Economi.

It makes you parents, maybe not you. The income of Albanians has increased over 25% in recent years. You talk to me about the oligarchs. The progressive tax returned $ 110 billion to those you call people in need.

We removed the tax for 300 thousand ALL and below, we increased the minimum wage. “We will follow this model to prepare for the third term of this majority,” he said.