India, with 1.3 billion people, has gone into complete isolation. This strict measure was taken to prevent the mass spread of coronavirus, COVID-19.

But as in every state, even in India many people have not taken the situation seriously by taking to the streets, despite the order being dropped.

Unlike other countries that have so far imposed fines on offenders, India has decided to use the “rubber stick”.

Police used reeds and other sticks to beat people in the streets of Nea Dehli, who have violated the order not to leave the house.

India has so far reported a relatively small number of cases, 500 cases, compared to European countries that are reporting tens of thousands.

The fear of the government is the country’s fragile health, poverty and poor hygiene that can make the situation out of control.

Experts warn that up to 500 million Indians may become infected with coronavirus within the next year, which means more than 1 million deaths in the next 12 months.