A 27-year-old teacher has been killed after being stabbed in the head by an unknown inspector. Josh Brooker had traveled to Vietnam on vacation when he was bitten by an insect.

The problems began when he returned to the UK. His father, who was waiting for him at Manchester airport, noticed that the boy was not feeling well. Josh had returned to work after traveling to Vietnam.

The first few days of work, he had a fever and went to hospital. There, doctors discovered a staphylococcal bacterium that had entered the bloodstream. The teacher was kept under intensive care after the bite on his head had infected him. The infection began to spread gradually and affected his lungs. This caused the 27-year-old to have difficulty breathing.

His health began to deteriorate, and after one month of treatment, he died in hospital on 1 October.

His father describes his son as a peaceful and loving man.

As students and academic staff at Josh’s school teach, they have created a memorial for the 27-year-old decorated with messages dedicated to their teacher.