It’s called ignorance and it’s becoming more and more popular in relationships, in the workplace, in everyday life.

It is dominated by relationships and social relationships, often our reactions, our emotions.

Ignorance speaks not only through the mouths of those who do not know, who do not know, but who want to have their say anyway. It is also expressed as abuse, insensitivity, conjecture.

“To be ignorant of your ignorance is the real disease of ignorance.”

The American philosopher Alcott not only was right, but with this sentence, he perfectly captures the mark of everything.

A person who ignores his “ignorance” becomes deadly. Especially when you claim to be right! This unfortunately causes consequences that are difficult to control.

We move from immediate reactions and outbursts of anger to true neuroses when we have to endure the ignorance of others on a continuous basis. All circumstances that end up hurting people, even making them sick, in some cases.

Silence is the best way to not ruin your life and not lose energy with those who cannot understand. Keep calm.

Before making your own important habit, it is worth noting that some situations, in turn, deserve an even energetic response.

When confronted with manipulation, for example, it is necessary for us to be extremely determined to stop those who manifest this behavior.

Which, too often, aims to deceive and take revenge.

Just as it is not right to allow forms of verbal violence that express not only ignorance but also threats.

In many other cases, the healthiest and most accurate behavior is to ignore, to be silent, perhaps to smile!

There is nothing worse for those who are constantly living and manifesting their ignorance than to see them ignored.

Silence is the best and most effective response to those who speak without knowing, to those who judge without having an idea of ​​the reality of facts.

Not only does it weaken further efforts, but it reduces to impotence those who have no other weapon but those of arrogance or falsehood.