Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha has launched the announced round of district meetings with young people.

Basha’s tour has begun with a conversation with the youth of Elbasan, where he will present the Opposition’s platform to emerge from the economic collapse where Rama’s mismanagement has plunged Albania.

In his address, Basha said, among other things, that “Youth is what today’s rulers have paid attention to. The number one failure of this government is failure with the youth. Not because of the youth’s fault but because this government has killed hope. My Number 1 and DP Commitment is the Return of Hope ‘

‘We begin this meeting with a very special evening, an evening commemorating a great day for democracy that is November 4 where the German youth knocked down the Berlin Wall and November 4 the first day of freedom of belief in God in Albania, which coincides with the first mass held in Shkodra. That is one of the most precious days of the last 30 years of Albanian democracy.

One of the biggest failures of Edi Rama and his government is the failure with the youth.

With the lowest salaries, the highest costs of living, the inability to get an education, the extremely poor state of finances and the even worse youth finances.

The biggest failure of this government and this prime minister is the failure with the youth.

Every time the youth gives up the opportunity it shines even more than a European youth

Because this government has killed hope and forced the youth to emigrate.

It doesn’t have to be that way, in a land of wealth. Here the greatest wealth is the youth, who when given the opportunity to excel and excel, are inspirational to one another and to society, in science, art, entrepreneurship.

The only thing we lack are foreign investments that are ready to harness the talent of a qualified youth, but that are impossible to invest in Albania under the conditions of this government. But today I came to listen to you, your hopes, your ideas, your challenges but also your concerns.

My commitment is to return hope to our country.

We give you the opportunity, the good business climate, even more employment and above all to make it possible to change this place, which has all the chances, choose to stay here, build your families here .. . ‘