A day after the police execution of 71-year-old Lefter Zhidru, after several hours of gunfights with blue uniforms, the psychological condition of his ex-wife Floresha Zhidro appears aggravated.

In front of the doors of her apartment she has erupted with accusations against the police and the media, asking the latter to remove the cameras from her house.

“You will hold me accountable for what you have slandered, you will hold me accountable for what you have written in the media. Not to see you here with cameras. You did not come when it was time to come, you came today. “Go and seek justice for the state,” she shouted.

The operation started at 13:20 and ended at 18:05 on September 24, 2020.

It all started at 13:20 when the police and special forces surrounded the neighborhood “11 Nentori” in Elbasan to neutralize the 71-year-old armed with a Kalashnikov who shot at the police, injuring two young passers-by. His ex-wife had called the police to ask for help as he was armed.

Zhidru, 71, when he saw that RENEA was approaching the door, shot at them. RENEA called on him to open the door and surrender, but the 71-year-old fired again. Then the police broke down the door. The elderly
fired again but thankfully the shield escaped the effectives.

At the beginning of the operation, the Director of Elbasan Police stated that he was a dangerous person, while special forces with armored vehicles and other specialized vehicles were deployed at the scene and a wide security perimeter was cordoned off to prevent the meeting at 1 p.m. 20. Snipers were also placed on the opposite terrace.

From the control of the house, the police found a Kalashnikov, ammunition and some molds with explosives ready for explosion. The story that kept the city of Elbasan under terror for 5 hours started due to a family conflict between Zhudri and his ex-wife at the time when the minor daughter was at home.